~ Please read carefully, as failure to comply may result in surcharges ~


  • Buzzer is 305.

  • Please arrive when booking time begins. Early arrivals will not be let in to studio.

Common Courtesy

  • Please keep volume at moderate levels.

  • Respect the floor. Do not drag equipment across floor- pick up and place it.

  • Leave the space as you have found it.


  • Please depart the property at exact end of booking time. No exemptions.

  • Overtime is charged at $25 per half hour.


  • Please note there is a 24hr security camera located at the main entrance of the studio however footage is not stored on a hard drive or anywhere locally but stores online for 10 days then deleted. It is for liability, damage, injury and general security purposes only. If this is an issue in regards to your shoot please do not hesitate to speak with us about the matter as we can shut it off.


  • All day free parking is available along Noble St. and Strickland St as the1 hour parking is not enforced (yippie!).


  • Studio Managers do not assist in set up but will show the renter how to use equipment if needed.

  • In studio there are 2 Elinchrom strobes, wireless trigger, large/small/body softboxes, deep silver/ large white umbrella, V-Flats, 1k continuous film light, ladder, various coloured backdrops, light stands, 2 reflectors, reflector arm stand, and 2 appleboxes.


Cancellation requires 72 hours notice otherwise 50% of total booking fee will be incurred (50% refund).Cancellation that occurs within 24 hours of the booking time receives no refund.

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