the west end photography loft

established in 2009

Queen West Studio is the third incarnation of a dream it's owner had almost 10 years ago where Mark started one of the first "style" studios in Toronto.  Giving photographers more then just the bland "white on white" look that most high profile studios had in this city, he wanted to create a rental studio that looked like the studio's he always admired in NYC- more specifically, Brooklyn.  

At the time he partnered with his long time business partner creating Version1 Studios in 2010 and it slowly became the most popular photo studio's in Toronto that was meant to service any and all types of photographer- from first time camera owners to high profile magazine editorial shooters. 

Later Version1 Studio expanded to two studios named V1 and V2 in Toronto's studio district. Both had contrasting looks giving more people more choice as Toronto's best style studios.  In 2018 V2 Studio moved to Toronto's real Brooklyn (Parkdale) and was renamed as Queen West Studio fulfilling the dream Mark had almost 10 years ago as being the real Brooklyn style studio for all photographers to utilize (and himself ).

As the story continues the goal is always to help photographers get what they want- the coolest photo's possible. 

I look forward to helping you.